At One Love Orthodontics your visit begins with a complimentary full diagnostic work-up of your smile by Dr. Dayan and Team One. This will include intra and extra oral photographs and diagnostic x-rays. Dr. Dayan will review your records and perform a clinical exam to identify both your own personal concerns about your smile as well as what other areas of your smile he can improve upon to achieve an ideal smile and bite. After his examination he will review your tailor-made orthodontic treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have.

Each adjustment visit will bring progress and results that you can see. Dr. Dayan is enthusiastic about orthodontics and his patients’ progress and will explain exactly what treatment goal we will be accomplishing at each visit, along with what biomechanics will be involved and what you can expect to feel over the next few days. We feel that orthodontic treatment is a fascinating specialty and the more you know about what is happening in your mouth, the more exciting your treatment becomes.

At One Love Orthodontics we know the difference between a good smile and an amazing smile is in the details. The final portion of your orthodontic treatment will consist of an intense and thorough detailing of each tooth into its proper position—to the millimeter. Dr. Dayan skillfully performs all the necessary wire bending and tooth mechanics necessary to deliver your amazing finished smile.