Results you can see, braces that you can’t.


Lingual braces are the most discreet and invisible orthodontic treatment available at One Love Orthodontics. Lingual braces sit on the back surface of your teeth, so no one will notice you’re having treatment. Lingual braces tend to be popular among our adult patients. Since they are invisible, they don’t impact on your appearance making them a great treatment option for busy, working professionals.

Lingual braces are made up of brackets and wires that are completely customized to the personal architecture of your teeth. Therefore, they fit your mouth perfectly and work to get you the beautiful smile you’re looking for.

Lingual braces are the most state-of-the-art treatment available. From beginning to end, the brackets, wires, and treatment are fully customized to your unique teeth and smile. If you are looking for a completely invisible and effective way to straighten your teeth, speak to Dr. Dayan about lingual braces.