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Meet Dr. David Dayan

Dr. Dayan loves being an orthodontist! You’ll notice how excited he gets about teeth and his close attention to detail as soon as you meet him.

After seeing his own smile transformed by braces as a teen, Dr. Dayan now does the same for his community.


Dr. Dayan has been a private practice orthodontist in Brooklyn since 2015. Today, he’s thrilled to provide one-on-one care in the same building where he saw his own smile transform as a teen.

He wants everyone who enters the door to finish treatment proud to show off their smiles. Dr. Dayan looks forward to welcoming you and your family to One Love Orthodontics on Kings Highway in Brooklyn.

Education & Experience

After graduating high school at Magen David Yeshivah, he left home to pursue an Ivy League education at the prestigious Cornell University. Dr. Dayan was the first student from his high school to attend Cornell.

Following his undergraduate career, Dr. Dayan completed his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, one of only three Ivy League dental schools in the nation.

Cornell University
Penn Dental Medicine
Buffalo School

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Dayan is passionate about technology, hospitality, and lifelong learning.

As a busy parent and business owner, Dr. Dayan wants things to be efficient and convenient at his office.

The Best In NYC

Dr. Dayan is the best orthodontist in NYC!! Highly recommend him to everyone all ages!! His love and excitement for his work is so amazing.

- Nayaab


While attending Penn, Dr. Dayan received the Rabinowitz Memorial Award in Biochemistry, an honor bestowed upon one student from each graduating class.

Dr. Dayan's excellence at Penn was reaffirmed by his acceptance into the elite orthodontics program at the University at Buffalo immediately upon graduating from dental school.

He obtained a dual degree of Master of Science in Orthodontics and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Orthodontics by researching, submitting, and defending a written thesis. The program is highly selective, accepting only four applicants from the United States annually.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Dayan loves greeting patients by name, playing video games and sports with his boys, trying new foods and ice-cold drinks, and seeing his patients in Brooklyn.

Dr. Dayan loves living near his practice and can't wait to meet you. He's happily married to his wife, and they have four amazing sons.

Orthodontist Brooklyn NY

Braces-Friendly Recipes

Finding delicious recipes that gel with your braces can get a little sticky.

But just because you’re working hard on your new smile doesn’t mean you need to completely change your diet — or that you have to deny your taste buds a sweet treat.

That’s why Dr. Dayan has collected some of his flavor-ite braces-friendly recipes in one spot.

They’re a blast to make as a family or with friends — and with all the hard work you’re doing during your braces treatment, you deserve a cookie, shake, brownie, or whatever delicious snack you’re craving.

Jam With Dr. Dayan

Do you ever wonder what keeps Dr. Dayan grinning during your appointment? Helping you get the smile of your dreams, of course — and listening to some awesome tunes in the process.

Now you can tune in to his Spotify playlist and jam along with Dr. Dayan between your appointments.

Because there ain’t no mountain high enough — or malocclusion complex enough — that One Love Orthodontics (and some good songs) can’t fix.