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Find the Best Fit for Your Smile

At One Love Orthodontics, you’ll enjoy personalized treatment that addresses your unique needs. Dr. David Dayan is committed to giving you the latest and greatest options to transform your smile.

You and your family can find the latest braces options at our Brooklyn office to get straighter, healthier smiles that last a lifetime.

Get a Higher Standard of Care

At One Love Orthodontics, each adjustment visit brings you progress and results you can see! Dr. Dayan is enthusiastic about helping you reach your goals and will explain exactly what to expect at each visit.

Orthodontic treatment is a fascinating process, and the more you know about what is happening in your mouth, the more exciting your treatment becomes.

At One Love Orthodontics, the difference between a good smile and an amazing one is in the details. The final portion of your orthodontic treatment includes an intense and thorough detailing of each tooth into its proper position—to the millimeter.

Dr. Dayan skillfully performs all the wire bending and tooth mechanics necessary to create your amazing finished smile.

Smile Design Enameloplasty

Smile Design Enameloplasty is a cosmetic dental treatment involving a specialized buffing tool to reshape and recontour your teeth. This procedure can smooth and remove chips and ragged edges from your teeth.

This is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your smile after you complete orthodontic treatment at One Love Orthodontics.

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Other Treatment Options